Marlene Dietrich – Live in 1937!

Marlene Dietrich became a star with the classic 1930 German film, THE BLUE ANGEL, were she played a siren who ruins men’s lives. In the 1960s she headlined at luxurious nightclubs where she was known as the “World’s Most Glamorous Grandmother.” In between these career bookends she became an American citizen, and when the Second World War came, she not only joined scores of other stars to entertain the troops in camps around the world, Marlene actually joined the U.S. Army for four years!

But the 1930s is the era that saw Marlene Dietrich in her prime, if not at her peak. Most of her 30s films are available today on dvd, yet it is largely forgotten that she also starred on live radio in adaptations of her famous movies. OHIC is pleased to present the broadcast version of Marlene’s 1933 film, The Song of Songs, where both she and Lionel Atwill repeat their screen roles. Douglas Fairbanks, Jr. performs the role played by Brian Aherne in the film, and show is hosted by Cecil B. DeMille.

Click on the arrow below to hear the complete one-hour live broadcast of the Lux Radio Theater exactly as heard coast to coast and by shortwave around the world on December 20, 1937:

While you are listening, OHIC provides some examples of the stunning artwork used to promote the film:

The two sides of this movie herald, above and below, indicates how THE SONG OF SONGS was promoted in South America:

An older but no less glamorous La Dietrich still broadcasting:

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