Rarely-Seen 1915 William S. Hart: THE SHERIFF’S STREAK OF YELLOW

The survival rate of Bill Hart’s westerns is impressive. A stage actor from New York, Hart’s love of the American West transformed his career in 1914 to starring, directing, and in some cases writing, a classic series of films. Hart managed to capture the “Old West” just before it faded away forever and his films seem more like documentaries than dramas. Our film here is one of the most rarely-seen and has been preserved by the Danish Film Institute in its original color tints. The main titles and intertitles were in Danish but I translated them and substituted English versions using vintage title cards. Finally I added music, which no silent film should ever be without. Enjoy!


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  1. Hi Bob, Right now I’m having email program/address book problems so I can’t send out group emails. What a pain. Best, Jim  Jim Parish (818) 753-9455 http://www.jamesrobertparish.com

  2. Thanks, Bob! W. S. Hart is my favorite cowboy actor. I’ve never seen this one before, so it was a double treat.
    Michael Pyle

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    Beautifully restored old movie

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